August Bank Holiday Problems

With the August bank holiday fast approaching we decided to head towards Aberystwyth so we stopped overnight in a B & B en route where we planned to find a good spot the next day to attract both the locals and tourists alike.  So once we had found a local pub which had a nice selection of reasonably priced food we ordered a couple of lasagnes and splashed out on a bottle of cheap plonk too.   Oh the luxuries of our business but we didn’t care about how we were having to scrimp and save to get by – we just enjoyed being out and about with our Betty.


It was a lovely sunny morning which promised to be a good day for our business so rising early we had a quick breakfast as we were intent on finding a good location to reap the benefits of what looked to be a hot day ahead.


We were heading up through the town when I spotted a large car park adjoining a well populated beach.  “Quick pull over here” Jody, I shouted and although she indicated her move carefully, suddenly we heard a loud bang and felt a judder.  As I looked round I saw this Suzuki Vitara immediately behind which had caused the noise and commotion.  I looked at Jody and saw her dismayed expression.  Jumping out quickly, I noticed the driver of the Suzuki walking towards me with an aggressive look shouting obscenities.   I was not impressed at all but refused to get involved in his verbal commotion.   As I inspected Betty preparing for the worst I was pleasantly surprised to see there was only minor surface damage.   Turning round to speak with the angry driver I noticed another man talking to him and he seemed to have quietened him down.  Then getting nearer I realised that he had witnessed the whole incident and was telling him that he had been driving too close and he was in the wrong!  He went on to say that he would gladly support our case as he had seen everything.


By this time Jody had joined me and gradually discovered that what she thought was a complete disaster was not nearly as bad.  Although Betty would need some paint work carried out we had escaped any major damage and luckily neither Jody nor I were suffering any injury.  What a lucky escape and Betty would live to fight another day!