Betty to the rescue

Late one afternoon as we were just serving the last few customers, we noticed a goldenLabradormoving its way very slowly towards us.  It looked extremely hot, panting laboriously and seemed to have difficulty in walking as it was dragging its hind leg.  As it neared our van I spoke to it softly and proceeded to move out the van with a view to consoling and helping the dog.  By this time, Caroline had finished serving the last customer and could see where I was headed.


As I reached out to stroke it, the dog just promptly laid down or rather collapsed at my feet.  I could see his back leg was quite badly cut and swollen.  Since we were quite near the beach several people had gathered and one helpful lady informed us that there was a vet very close by as she took her spaniel there whenever treatment was necessary.  She passed over a business card with the telephone number and Caroline tapped the digits into her mobile and started speaking with the receptionist at the veterinary practice.  She explained the situation and as the practice was very close a vet advised that he would be with us shortly to help.


Within no time at all, a young man appeared armed with a case who introduced himself as George, the local vet.  He proceeded to tend to theLabradorand confirmed that it would be better if he took him back to his practice.  As he was only a young dog he carefully picked him up and returned to the practice.


By this time the few people had increased and realizing we could do no more to help as the Labrador was in good hands, we went back to Betty with a view to finishing up for the day.  But as we looked round there seemed to be a queue forming and people were asking for our special strawberry and cherry medley which had recently turned out to be a hot seller so without further ado we promptly began selling our products.  Later we heard that the golden Labrador namedSandywas doing well and her owner had been found and she was reunited with her owner who was really making a fuss over him.


What an active day it had been – coming to the aid ofSandyas well as having a really profitable day.  Business was certainly booming and our beloved Betty was making our venture so popular, enjoyable and serving the community – what more could we ask for? We were cruising and spreading the joy of whipped cream to the world. Believe it or not – in some parts of the country then whipping cream by hand was still the norm! Get with it people – cream chargers are definitely the way forwards.