Betty’s Dilema

We were approaching theNorth Westand found a small town square that hosted a market three times a week. On market day we got the required permission to set up in the corner of the square and before long we had a steady stream of customers. The usual remarks came from the men in the queue but generally the people we met were friendly and helpful.


After being on our feet for eight hours and finding that stocks of cream chargers were getting low we decided to call it a day.  We closed up and I drove while Jody began commenting on the events of the day to anyone who would listen and bemoaning our lack of cream chargers. As we approached the exit to the square, a man pushing a hand cart walked in front of us forcing us to brake suddenly.  We stopped with a jolt only to hear a loud bang as Betty was propelled forward just missing the barrow pusher who went on his merry way as if nothing had happened.


We both got out and found that Betty had a severely damaged off side rear. The driver of the other vehicle got out also muttering about women drivers and how they should not be on the road. The other vehicle was also a van belonging to one of the market stall holders. As the finger wagging started, the market inspector approached and claimed he saw everything. He knew the driver of the van that hit us and the man pushing the hand cart and made it clear where the blame lay and told the van driver to shut up.


What followed was the drawn-out process of waiting for the insurance companies to act. The problem was that the hand cart owner was not insured but it was decided that the driver of the other van was too close to us and that he was to blame. This was all very nice but while the repairs were being carried out we had to twiddle our thumbs and earn nothing. The lack of cream chargers that was initially just a bit of bother had really cause some major inconveniences.


The repairs, we were advised, would take about eight days so as a result of this we devised a plan that enabled us to produce our whipped cream while Betty was still in the repair shop. This meant a lot of leg work walking from the shop to the town square but it worked and although by the end of the first day we were exhausted some income had been earned and word got round about our efforts and the locals responded whether out of pity or desire but our time was not wasted.


Half way through the second week Betty’s repairs had been completed and we were both a lot lighter and fitter. Who needs gym membership when you have customers to serve?