Billable Hours

As Caroline and Jody’s business became more successful, once again, the person that prevented things from spiralling out of control was Owen. He very often worked into the night devising ways to make the business more profitable and it was as a result of one of his late nights that he came up with an idea where every working action was given a time frame and a price.  This also involved the affiliate marketing side of things which was experiencing more success than was originally anticipated. The two teenage girls who Owen had fondly christened Dotty and Daisy had surpassed all expectations and they were now struggling to keep up with the demand for the whipped cream dispensers, cream canisters and whipped cream chargers.


Owens idea of introducing billable hours into the business would enable the girls to control the cash flow of the business. The idea was discussed with the company’s accountant who agreed that it was a good idea and would make things easier for him. This would mean that his fees would be reduced for his book keeping services but, as things were going, they would have to rely on him more for the controlling of the staff they were employing.


As Owen’s system was implemented it was becoming easier to control the every day tasks that they all carried out and in time reduced the length of duration they spent in one place without having an effect on their income. Within three months the working days became shorter as the business started to be more efficient and streamlined. What would they do without Owen?


The added leisure time enabled Caroline and Jody to go out and enjoy themselves more but Owen continued to work into the night in his quest to make the business even more efficient. As more experience was being gained all round, the girls decided to put Owen on a percentage of the profits as losing him to a competitor at this stage would be unthinkable. This decision was met with a smile and a thank you and plans for the future were spoken about in depth.