Blackberry Balance

In between carrying out their daily rounds and getting home to do some online marketing as well as trying to find somebody that really wants to work, Caroline and Jody still found time to experiment with some of their flavours. After a particularly busy day Caroline was driving home in Betty along a country lane when she noticed that there were blackberry bushes either side.  An idea came to mind so she hastily parked up in the entrance to a field and proceeded to pick some blackberries. After only about twenty minutes she had gathered a large container full, so she put them on the front seat and continued on her journey home.


When Jody got home she found Caroline deep in thought.  After a frantic discussion they both began yet another experiment that involved the blackberries Caroline had just picked.  Within an hour they had perfected what was to become their blackberry balance. After another hour they had got over the problem of the blackberry pips causing problems with the whipped cream charger and whipped cream dispenser.


In the weeks that followed, the blackberry balance proved to be a great success and as the word spread about this unique flavoured ice cream there was another problem that the girls were confronted with – getting enough blackberries to satisfy the increasing demands.  Jody was discussing this with a customer when she was informed that the friendly lady had a son who was on holiday from university and was looking for ways to earn some money. She made arrangements for the lad to visit them at their home so they could see if he was suitable.


The following day the girls responded to a knock on the door to be confronted by a shy, athletic looking, lad named Owen. It became obvious that Owen’s family had made a lot of sacrifices to ensure that their son benefited from a good education and he was one year away from obtaining a degree in computer studies.  This likeable nineteen year old soon won the girls over and before long they had agreed to hire him to ensure an adequate supply of blackberries was obtained to enable their new product to continue.