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We have discussed our life changing idea with friends and they all reckon that giving up work to travel and live the dream is an entirely great and natural thing to do. It won’t be work it’ll be fun! At least that is the hope. A busman’s holiday in an ice-cream van as opposed to an actual bus – which just adds another dreamy, cream twist to the whole operation.

cream job

The idea was that we wanted to accomplish three things to be able to travel, to give up regular work and to set ourselves a challenge – the cream dream was possible a slightly odd way to accomplish it but our mate Dave had often talked about the idea of travelling around in an ice cream van and  stopping to sell ice cream to punters on the way – he was a dreamer, but we are determined that we have the ability to make this idea really work for ourselves. The plan evolved over many drunken evenings in our Brighton flat – the more wine we drank, the more realistic the plan became until we really persuaded ourselves that it was more than a possibility but really was a great idea….

The idea behind this entire cream chargers project came from a discussion with someone selling cream and strawberries by the side of the road – we asked them why they used UHT cream, which is as everyone know entirely gross! Their response was that without the UHT ultra heat treatment then it would be impossible to stop the cream from going rancid! Well, with my basic background in environmental science then I knew a little but about the hows and whys of Nitrous Oxide – which is the propellant used inside the whipped cream dispensers – the basic fact is that N2O is pretty chemically inert whilst at the same time capable of sterilising- but without affecting flavour – unlike heat-treatment which really messes with the fat molecules inside the cream.

In theory a fully charged whipped cream dispenser can keep the cream inside fresh for 10 days when inside the fridge – we won’t always have a working fridge – due the possibility of running out of power  we reckon our batteries will give us 24 hours without any recharging from the mains, driving or the sun. A test on a hot day (hottest of the year to date) took place in our very scientific garden. The result was that after 48 hours with plenty of N2O but no refrigeration the whipped cream was every bit as fresh as the day it was squirted out of a cow!  So this means that we had a fully fledged plan to take over the world!!!! or at the very least we could serve fruit with whipped cream in anon-refrigerated environment.


 Cream Chargers

Our source of inspiration led us to Brighton seafront where a sample told us that it really would work out as planned.

So there you have, cream chargers are the beginning of a fiendish plan.  We opted for the 16gm size and the one litre sized dispenser from X partly because google led us straight to them and partly because they are fine, fine people that were willing to bank-roll our mission to the tune of 360 chargers – which we reckoned would possibly be enough to get us through the UK and into France – although we have really no idea at all how it will pan out and maybe we’ll be so very, very busy at the first event that we run out completely within hours – yeah right! as if we should be so lucky! cream chargers

We are slightly aware that we will still need to keep the un-charged cream fresh, but are always ready to pop out to the local supermarket to buy a few more pints or canisters. The recipes will be entirely evolving as we go – and although the basic of fruit with whipped cream is central to the plan we may also be looking at other options such as cakes and pavlova and possibly pancakes if we can figure a way to make them in the van. The raw plan simply involves Betty, Cali Jody and a whipped cream dispenser – the rest is so very, very flexible.

We may of course run out of money before the cream dream gets whipped to fruition but I feel that if you believe in something strongly then is cannot fail …




The journey is just beginning…