Why work sucks and how to fix it! I noticed that was the original title of a book once sold from this domain – so in case that’s what you are looking for then try here.

recipe book

The book that we have in mind will be entirely more frivolous and  may well involve some sucking and fixing – but will be far removed from a help/instruction manual and much more of travelogue. This blog will form the framework of it – and hopefully the entries can simply be re-edited into a more book-like formation – with all of the typos and bad grammar corrected by the professionals!

The generally low quality pics we snap with our blurry  phones will be the visual accompaniment although perhaps there might be  few doodles squeezed in there too …

The temptation thorough this adventure will be to  put ourselves into ridiculous situations – deliberately engineering events is search of the perfect anecdote…

  • The whipped cream explosion that leaves the two of use entirely smothered and dripping in cream
  • The strawberry fight
  • running over a donkey in Granada the reuslt being a pile of meat, cream chargers and melon balls

Fortunately our journalistic training will prevent us from doing anything that could be construed as situational entrapment …

Although when things start to get a bit boring then it might be a bit difficult to resist …. we’ll need to be strong and truthful.