Chocolate Spaghetti – Molecular Gastronomy Madness

We like chocolate, we like spaghetti, we like molecular gastronomy – so it stands to reason that we’re going to like the three of them thrown together into a molecular gastronomy mashup!

So what is it? does it work well with pesto? Is it sweet or savour? Caliandjody went to find out… there is a recipe for doing it old-school with a pasta maker here but we went around to Dave’s house as he was testing out his Molcule-R gastronomy kit. To honest we were drunk before we arrived, but that didn’t mean that it wasn’t going to fun anyway.

To cut a long story short, what you are really doing is making a chocolate gelatine soup which is then extruded through a syringe. We#re big fans of extruded foods – in fact I like to pictures McDonald’s fries squirting out of a machine like a ejaculate of potato mash right into a deep-fat-fryer.

To cut to the quick it was fun and we washed it down with some reverse spherification molecular mojito.

molecular gastronomy kit

molecular gastronomy kit

Actually to inject a bit of fact into the situation, the gelling agnt was agar agar and not gelatine – the important molecular difference being that is is made out of spaghetti and not pig’s trotters. Does that make the chocolate pasta seem any more appealing? Not really!!