Cream Chargers for R&R – Home Office Both!

As the pace of life for Caroline and Jody continued at a manic pace, they had to juggle their time between the now five office blocks that they were selling to and home where the young girls were employed carrying out their affiliate tasks on computers. The selling of the whipped cream dispensers, whipped cream chargers and all of the other cream supplies had really taken off in a big way and the girls were pleased with the rewards that they were receiving for their efforts.


It was not unusual for Caroline and Jody to finish their days work and return home to find Dolly and Daisy still working hard. Very often Caroline and Jody would have to bully the girls into taking a rest so that they could all sit down together for something to eat and a girlie chat.


The five office blocks that Caroline and Jody were selling their wares to continued to be happy with the service that they were receiving. Although many hours were spent selling their produce, time was still found to perfect new flavours to maintain the originality that had now become the trademark of their business.


Due to the ever increasing work load, plans were being put in place to rent some office space where Owen could be based and the young girls could carry out their work in comfort.  It could also be where the other drivers could report to if there were any problems. This idea had been discussed for some time but nothing had been done so as usual Owen took control and proceeded to view potential office space which he thought might be suitable.


So it came as no surprise when Owen visited Caroline and Jody late one night to tell them that he had had a meeting with one of the directors of one of the office blocks that were customers. Part of a second floor office had been unused for some time and for a minimal rent the company in question would be only too pleased for the girls to make use of the space.  Caroline and Jody were extremely pleased with Owen’s accomplishment and couldn’t thank him enough.