Cream Chargers – Fruit Puree

Yesssss …. I think we’re onto a winner – Jody has just come up with a new idea to offer a different calorie reduced topping in the form of a fruit juice puree.  The idea was simply to mash up the fruit and then combine it with the cream chargers in the dispenser – we’d need to get a few extra dispensers but that shouldn’t be too hard. It certainly sounds yummy and it will help me lose a few inches too so we’ve just got to get some ads created and we’re away.  Can’t wait to see how well it goes with some of our repeat customers.  We are often asked if we have something with low calories so this is the answer and it’s something totally different to entice new business with too.


It seems as though we’ve come a long way already yet we’ve only been trading for a few months but we agreed that if we were going to make a go of Betty we had to be versatile and come up with some new ideas.


If this one takes off then we’re onto a winner!