Cream Chargers- Leadership Turn

Up until now Jody had been happy to allow Caroline to make all of the decisions regarding their business.  However, the more time they spent selling ice cream the more experience they gained and Jody began to get her own ideas and before long there were some minor disagreements.  As a result of this, the differences were soon settled and they decided to share the decision making. This worked well until a few of Caroline’s decisions failed miserably costing valuable income. From then on they decided that Jody should take the reins for a month and the results would be assessed after the four week trial period.


The first two weeks went well and a further investment was called for in the shape of a sterilising tank. This would be where all of the machinery would be placed after use to ensure complete cleanliness. In doing this, it would mean that if Betty was subject to a random inspection the whipped cream charger, the whipped cream dispenser and the various cream canisters could pas the most stringent of tests. The first time that the cleansing tank was used, the results were satisfactory and the girls took Betty to the local authority for a voluntary inspection. Betty passed with flying colours and a certificate was issued which was displayed for all of their customers to see.


This had been one of Jody’s ideas and had proven to be a success. Jody had also instigated the introduction of some new flavours of ice cream that, once again, resulted in success. New sales strategies were perfected and the four week period passed.  Jody continued to make most of the crucial decisions and she began to relish her new role so discussions began to lean towards expanding the business and the best way to go about it.


After her recent decisions, Jody was on a roll and she came up with her best idea to date. Expansion would mean buying another van and employing somebody to put it to work but the limited income that they were earning would not allow this. So they went to the company that supplied them with their cream chargers and cream dispensers and met with the sales director and proposed that they would advertise the company’s products for a fee.  This seemed an ideal way to move forward.