Cream Chargers – on the go again!

We’re all getting itchy feet and perhaps the cream chargers van will be on the move again soon – the web-shop is still coming along quite slowly, but if it was speed we were after then the original whipped cream chargers delivery van would have been a Ferrari and not the old clunker that we used – beautiful but old – so don’t feel too bad about your place in life dear old Betty.

So with us itching to get a move on we’ve spoken to Betty and she is quite keen to get her ass onto the road again. Where we go will depend upon the vague blowing of the wind – but I think perhaps we might even venture over to Newhaven for a trip to see those cheese lovers on the other side of the waters. What will they make of us? I think perhaps that their love of the crepes will make a mockery of out budget approach towards the dessert world, but perhaps they’ll take to us. Perhaps we might also find ourselves some large-nosed Gaelic lovers over there – all will be revealed as soon as we have at least decided ourselves….

This is a little video to get your cream juices flowing…