Cream Chargers on the Road

It soon became apparent that there were too many ice cream vans; as well as hot dog; burger and any other type of vans within the Brighton area and even the novelty of fruit and whipped cream specials were not going to see us make a fortune or even give us the income just to see us scrape by. The cream chargers were going to help us keep ourselves above the opposition but maybe there was more to be done?


Out came the maps and a route was planned taking us away from our home town and our families. As determined as we were you cannot live on determination alone so this had to work so as well as the route we would take there was still a lot of careful planning to be done and our marketing experience was pretty close to zero.


Skimpy tops would appeal to male customers but it could offend the mums and daughters so that was out of the question. Professionalism was the key with a certain amount of humour and good manners at all times. We eventually decided that all of the planning in the world would not earn us a living so we set off with not much money but plenty of spirit.


As it was coming up to the beginning of May we decided to make for Devon and try to charm the holiday makers with our whipped cream chargers. We parked on caravan sites, seafront car parks and anywhere we could find a space and it began to work slowly but the few customers that we initially served kept our starvation at bay.  For the first week we slept in the van and made use of public facilities where possible.


As the days went by we were beginning to feel more up beat about our business little knowing that disaster was just around the corner and our plans were to be thrown into turmoil.