Dilbert Must be Stopped – before he screws up the cream chargers

As Caroline and Jody continued to visit the same customers on a regular basis, one of their competitors vans was becoming a more regular sight.  Sometimes the van in question was visiting the girls’ customers before they could get to them. After a certain amount of research, it was discovered that the van in question belonged to a man named Dilbert and, like the girls, he spent a lot of time trying out new areas and products.


A number of different tactics were practiced but no matter what was tried, Dilbert’s van was was never far away and every time he was seen he had a sickly grin on his face. One step behind was not where the girls wanted to be but this is where they seemed to be all too often.


One morning while driving out of their garage they noticed a young lad on a mobile phone and as they neared the start of their round another one was noticed. It seemed that Dilbert was using a number of youths to track their route enabling him to get there first.


In some areas, the blackberry balance was giving Caroline and Jody the edge as well as having the use of cream chargers, which included whipped cream chargers and whipped cream dispensers but this would not last for ever so a new plan had to be thought out as quickly as possible. Owen was becoming more involved in the business and a quick word with his parents confirmed what they suspected; Dilbert was trying to take their round over and was telling some of their clientele all sorts of tales to try to win their business. His tactics were resulting in a small amount of success but, if it carried on, a lot of damage could result.


Because Dilbert’s strategy relied solely on the information he acquired from the young lads via their mobile phones, it was decided to get Owen to engage one of the lads in conversation and find out what they were being paid.  A week later when Owen informed the girls how much the lads were being paid, it was decided to pay them a little more and continue to give Dilbert false information.  This would mean that, for a short time, the lads would have two sources of income. After some discussion, a fee was agreed and Caroline and Jody prepared to woo some of their old customers back.