Election Day – for the chargers

Business for the girls was steady and the money they were making was allowing them to get by. Some of the money that they earnt was spent on what was considered essentials to enable them to continue to keep ahead of their competitors. But as the competition grew, the investment of a whipped cream dispenser and a whipped cream charger proved to be a step in the right direction.  However, Caroline and Jody had to vary the areas that they covered, to maintain their income.


Obviously, school holidays were a busy time but in between the holidays, sometimes things could get a bit quiet.  But during one particularly quiet time, a welcome bonus between school breaks came in the way of an election day.  This was a local election and the voting had to take place in the local schools so the children were given time of to allow this to happen. To take full advantage of this, the girls had to perfect a strategy to try and outwit other ice cream sellers in the area.


Betty was given a jet wash and adverts were placed on all of her side windows explaining all of the cream dispensers and cream chargers Caroline and Jody had at their disposal for the benefit of their customers. With this in place a working route was laid out ready for Election Day. This would take advantage of highly populated areas but keep well away from all the local schools.


When the day arrived the girls rose early and proceeded to load Betty with extra cream supplies in anticipation. The day started slowly but by noon the carefully planned working route had paid off and while a lot of other vans were parked outside schools, the girls were selling their ice cream in built up areas to a lot of children whose parents were only too pleased to give them ice cream money for a moments peace.


By the end of the day takings had far exceeded expectations and although exhausted by such a busy day, Caroline and Jody were able to make plans for the extra money that they had earned.