End of Part 1?

We have covered many miles and met a great number of interesting people; some offered advice while others made us the butt of their jokes and some were just plain offensive. The main thing is that we learned a lot about human nature but through it all, we managed to keep smiling and treat our customers with respect. The amazing thing was the huge number of cream chargers that we’d had to get through in order to do this mission.


From the early days of using Betty as our hotel as well as our source of income to a time when we can say we are actually making a profit, we both agreed that there was nothing we wanted to change about our whole adventure. The three of us had come through the past few months unscathed but much wiser.  Betty was looking tired and in need of some TLC so we decided to take a few days off to make some plans and have a well earned rest.


The last thing that we thought of, while on our travels, was taking advantage of the sights, but we were in Galloway inScotlandand the scenery was breathtaking so we parked Betty in the yard of a friendly farmer and supplier and took in the surrounding sights. While we explored we got a local mechanic to give Betty the once over just to find out how tired she really was.


The break enabled Jody and I to recharge our batteries but as we were to find out our beloved Betty needed a lot more than a break. Her engine was on its last legs and the cream charger machinery that produced the whipped cream needed some major repairs too. This brought us down to earth and instigated a lengthy question and answer session between the two of us.


Although our discussions were tinged with sadness it prompted us to think of our future and the future of our business. Would we have Betty repaired and continue using her?  Should we continue travelling the entire country or decide to concentrate on one particular region and form some sort of base? Do we invest in another van and embark on an expansion programme maybe selling the idea of a cream charger powered business to others?  All these questions needed answers so its decision time – what a pity Betty cannot talk!