Executive Testimonial

Caroline and Jody’s working days were getting longer because they were not only continuing to serve customers on their usual round but in the office block where they started.  It seemed that as soon as they began serving the occupants on one floor, the workers on two of the upper floors began queuing as soon as the girls arrived. For this reason, it was agreed that they would store a whipped cream dispenser and a whipped cream charger in one of the stationery cupboards. Extra cream supplies also had to be carried to cater for the ever increasing demand.


One particular day when they reached the office block at lunch time the usual queue was waiting for them. As the customers began to disperse to eat their ice cream a distinguished middle aged man approached the girls. Caroline immediately thought that they were in trouble but as the man walked up to Jody he began to smile. What followed came as a complete shock. I am the managing director of this company he stated and I would like to thank you for the service you are giving my staff.


What followed was even more of a shock as he indicated that he had staff at two other office blocks in the area and would the girls be interested in including them in their round. The man who introduced himself as Peter said that a happy work force produces better results and since the girls visits had commenced, there were more smiling faces in his office.


What could be better than a recommendation from the owner of the firm? Jody thanked Peter and promised to pay the other offices a visit. They shook hands and Peter went back to his office. To say that they were in shock was an under statement but before long the realisation crept in and they had to decide how they were going to handle the extra round.


At the end of another long day they talked into the night about how best to handle the extra work that had come their way.  What a day it had been but this could only mean more success which was what they had set out to achieve.



The days seemed to become longer and, without realising it, Caroline and Jody were relying on Owen more and more. His place in their business was becoming more important and he was being given many extra duties. However, this was becoming an added problem because in five weeks Owen was due to go back to university to carry out the final year of his studies. Every day seemed to bring further decisions; they still had not decided how they were going to include the extra offices in their round.


After a particularly hard day, the girls sat down in their living room, just relaxing, when Owen walked in. There were some questions that he needed answering and before long the three of them were involved in an important discussion. How were they going to supply the extra offices and maintain their existing round?


After an hour of discussion they still had not reached a decision. Caroline wanted to take on somebody to serve the staff at all of the offices while Jody thought it was too much and wanted to stay as they were. Owen stayed quiet until Caroline asked him for his opinion. He stayed silent for a few minutes and then said that the only way forward was to take a vote but it would be his vote that would affect the future of the business.


Owen was not in favour of letting an opportunity like this pass and he had thought of a way all of the offices could be included in the girls round. It would be at the expense of some of the marketing of whipped cream dispensers and other cream supplies but it would be a giant step forward.


Because the offices were close to one another, Owen thought that he could make the office workers his priority and he would work them all if the girls could drop off all that was needed on the way to their round. Cream dispensers and cream chargers could be kept at the offices to save time and Owen was sure that he could serve all of the customers.