Focus on the Week of the cream charger

It was Saturday evening and Caroline and Jody were reflecting on another hectic week. They had taken on an ex-rugby player to get them even more customers and Owen was working twelve hours a day just trying to keep up with the current demand.


Caroline and Jody decided that it was time to arrange another meeting with their accountant, Mrs Richardson, and attempt to settle things down a little. This was a regular weekly thing for the girls going over the actions of the previous week while trying to relax with a glass of wine on a Saturday evening.  It was at times like this when creativity was at its best in formulating ideas and strategies.


Overall the business had exceeded their expectations but the question they were asking themselves was – how much bigger did they want to get? They had six drivers working for them, a sales manager and a general manager. They were trying to keep the marketing of the cream canisters, whipped cream dispensers and the whipped cream chargers separate from the main business but this was proving to be extremely difficult. The young girls were doing a fine job and were responsible for in excess of twenty percent of the overall turnover of the company.


Perhaps the planning process needed to be a little bit more than a few hours on a Saturday night. With this in mind they decided to hold a meeting on a Monday morning to plan the activities for the week ahead. This would have to involve Owen but they were reluctant to increase the pressure on an already over-worked Owen. But before an assistant for Owen could be contemplated, Mrs Richardson would have to be consulted.


Mrs Richardson herself was very busy and trying to nail her down to a time for a meeting was proving a difficult task. Eventually they pencilled in a time for a get together but it was ten days away so they had a little in house get together which included Owen to discuss any new proposals. Owen came up with a few ideas and it was decided that he would accompany Caroline and Jody to the meeting with the accountant.