Fruit, Cream, Chargers Everywhere!

Early one morning as I was getting the van ready for the day ahead which looked as though we were in for a real scorcher, Jody called over to ask if I wanted a Coke to which I shouted “great”.  As I opened the door to reach out for the can I was met by a flapping of wings and then swooped upon by this enormous seagull.  The gull flew right into the cabin where it promptly started feasting on the strawberries and cherries that had just been washed.  Jody reckoned that the greedy gull was really after a beak full of cream chargers – but I’m not so sure.I shrieked and the gull flew around panicking leaving a glorious mess.  Jody heard my screams and came running over.  By this time I had armed myself with a broom to try and get this awful bird out.


Eventually the seagull obliged because I think by this time he was only too pleased to escape from the small cabin even though the fruit was a scrumptious temptation to stay.  The bird probably reached the conclusion that it had been worth the trouble but now wanted out, so as Jody came nearer all of a sudden the gull flew out causing her to duck down to clear its pathway.


When she looked inside I was covered in bird pooh, fruit puree, cream chargers and she just looked at me and laughed.   Realising how I must look I started giggling too.


During the last few months since we had been trading with Betty we had never experienced being invaded by a greedy seagull so this was a first.  We had had other incidence but never anything quite like this.  This was one of the pitfalls of our business especially touring around the coastal areas.   So although it took a lot of clearing up and put back our trading for that day we had to notch it up to an experience not to be forgotten and part of the learning curve in this business.


Hey-ho we just move onto another day and put this one behind us.