Gap Goes – but Cream Chargers jump it easily

The business was plodding along nicely and the people that were working for them were proving to be totally committed. Owen was becoming the constant source of amazement with the skills that he was developing. The affiliate girls were working hours to suit themselves and the sales of the cream dispensers, cream chargers, cream canisters and all of the other cream supplies were on the increase.


So, late one afternoon, Caroline and Jody left everything in Owens capable hands and went for a little retail therapy. Some of their profits had to be spent, there was no use leaving it all in the bank – they deserved to reap some of the benefits of their hard work.  They had both decided to head for the local shopping mall with a view to updating their wardrobes. The first shop they went into was Gap and while they were searching through the racks, a young male shop assistant approached them.


As Jody turned to face him, responding to his offer of help, she appeared to go a bit weak at the knees. He was tall, athletic and rather good looking and before long the girls were getting the star treatment together with the best changing room and specialist advice.  Consequently, it wasn’t long before they had two large carrier bags each full of their new clothes and, as they were about to leave the store, the young man who had introduced himself as David, handed Jody a pen and piece of paper requesting her telephone number.


Trying to write down her phone number while holding two large bags full of clothes proved too much for Jody and she dropped the pen and became unusually flustered. After a few minutes she regained her composure and wrote down the number and proceeded to make arrangements for them to meet. As they left the store the weather was a little chilly but Jody was rather flushed following her recent encounter and Caroline thought this was rather amusing.


When they finally got home they put their new clothes away and began to eat when the phone rang. It was David checking to see if Jody had got home safely and to confirm the arrangements for their night out.  Jody was certainly pleased they had decided to shop in Gap and she looked forward to her date with David.