Government Lies

Jody and Caroline had been working for themselves for some time and things were going rather well until the dreaded brown envelope was put through their letter box. Their first tax bill and a fine for the late submission of the first tax return. Who said going into business was easy? After the initial shock and the discussion as to where the money was to come from, the girls settled down. They decided that the advice of an accountant was needed and proceeded to check adverts in the local papers to find one.


After a complete evening of assessing local adverts, a final decision was made and the following morning Jody made an appointment with a Mrs Richardson. On the day of the appointment the girls retrieved all the necessary paperwork that they thought they would need and off they went.


Mrs Richardson was a pleasant, middle aged woman who came across as very professional with a no-nonsense manner. First, she was shown the demand that had been received; her response was to laugh and state “more government lies”. “You have been over assessed and with careful planning the bill could be halved after all allowances were taken into account” she announced much to Caroline and Jody’s delight.


After explaining exactly what their business entailed, Caroline then went into the details of the affiliate side of the business that sold the cream dispensers, cream chargers and various cream supplies. They went over their plans for the future and particular goals and their new accountant showed a lot of interest.  She was impressed with the enthusiasm that was shown by the girls.


After the meeting concluded, the girls went about their daily routine feeling confident that Mrs Richardson was to become an asset to their business. The following months proved this as the frequent meetings with her saw the initial demand for tax reduced by fifty five percent. Anybody that was able to save the business this amount of money must play a significant part in the plans for their future.