If You Don’t Like the Hat Factory

With six office blocks now being served with their goods, Caroline and Jody were aware of the best form of advertising – word of mouth – and, as a result of this, the owner of a local factory contacted them. The factory in question produced hats but the girls found out that Owen was not very impressed with the business as he was met with a torrent of abuse from the workers that seemed a bit rough when his visit took place.


As the now thriving business had a healthy turnover and customer base they could afford to be choosy and for this reason it was decided to decline the offer of this factory owner and just concentrate on offices. This did not please the factory workers and for a while they were receiving abusive phone calls and mail.


Controlled growth was the key and for the next two months they all decided that they would not take on any more customers. This time was spent streamlining the business so that they could provide their current customers with an even better service. One beneficial factor that resulted from the process that was being implemented was closer links with their suppliers. This meant that deliveries of cream supplies, cream chargers and whipped cream dispensers became more efficient and delivery times were reduced considerably.


This overhaul proved to be a great success and just by making a few changes the business became more organised and efficient and paved the way for even more controlled growth in the near future.  Now Jody and Caroline were taking it in turns to visit the office block and talking to customers asking for their opinions and feedback as well as informing them of any new products that were being planned for the future.


It appeared that this course of action seemed to work as when customers were seeing some of their suggestions being taken into account, the products were becoming more popular and in demand.  Their business was being talked about more and more and word of mouth began to take over again. This time the new business was in the name of a very large company which would mean hiring two more drivers and purchasing more vans to cope with the extra work.    .