Liss Chargers

So why would we swap our allegiance to Liss Chargers? Perhaps not an easy question answer at first – we were doing OK with the old bestwhip…. so why would anyone want to swap the security for a punt with liss cream chargers?

An interesting question if you were to take a look at the liss website – you would not be too impressed… that is certainly not a company that is trying to impress anyone with their marketing abilities…

liss cream chargers

liss cream chargers

So, I guess you can now tell that we are being entirely mercenary … Liss make cheap cream chargers … and that is the long/short of it. They can’t be beaten on price! But as with with everything – there are always compromises that are made. For a long time as we toured in Betty hawking our whipped wares, we were warned off the budget charger brands with all sorts of dire stories of barely flatulent amounts of gas, or putrid, chemical discharges from within the canisters… and it is funny how we accepted all of this without out really questioning it, after all – how did they become one of the worlds leading brands if they were selling something which was rumoured to be near-toxic in its defects..

So after all of these years, we actually thought to hell with it, we’re going to break away from our usual routine… and the reulats were …. perfect – so that is it, good bye bestwhip – hello liss chargers!!