Are you scared of the dark – because our friend is – actually not totally true but she did need to take her magicshine out for a walk the other day – yes that is right magicshine bike light for a walk? Why – well not really because she was scared, more because she was inquisitive – the new app X-Locator started pinging so she followed her nose to see what was happening – curiosity could have killed the cat but this dog never actually I pile pun upon pun then take a look at the X-locator to see what I’m talking about. This is what 1984s brave new world would have been like if it was run by people of an entirely different bent.  Anyway there was no need at all for using the magicshine MJ-880 because the whole scene was carriedout under the bright lights of a car park – but I guess these people were never shy anyway. The view was every bit as sordid as would be expected in fact I wish I hadn’t lent her my bike light because I feel it is a little bit soiled now – the next time I go mountain-biking over the south downs then the karmic energy of the goings on in the back of a Renault Clio will be upon my mind.

It claims to be weatherproof – so I winder if that means I’ll be able to boil it in a bucket of bleach? What would magicshine think if I had to return their gift for an exchange when I explained the whole story behind it?

So to cleanse your mind here is a video of the light doing exactly what it was designed for!


Actually, wouldn’t it be funny if in the video then he stumbles exactly what burned my friends eyes – would he be able to se the twin LEDs of the MJ-880 like a star-wars weapon to defend himself – or should he just cycle off as fast as he can?