Molecular Mixology

we love food, we love chemistry – we love Molecular Mixology! – and having just sent a few days watching breaking bad, then we are really in a position to see the value of chemistry in the realm of recreation!

SO what are we talking about? That is very much a question to skim over – the definition of what a molecular cocktail is very vague, but let’s have a blast…

molecular cocktail

molecular cocktail

Start with the basics that’d have to be the good old vodka jelly – so why is that a cocktail? because it is a spirit with a mixer, but what makes it “molcecular”? Well that’d have to be the fact that you can chew on it. So how about this for a working definition – a drink that comprises at least one spirit and cannot fit through a straw (without a struggle)

There are all sorts of variations, but we’d have to give all of our votes to any of the reverse spherification cocktails. It is hard to explain why they are so good – but it is probably the surprise element – at least the first time you try them, the explosion of liqueur in your mouth is something amazing as you gently bit down on the jelly egg.

As to how they all work – that is something that we don’t really get and are waiting for Mr. White to explain it to us, until tat point we stick with the idiots guide and the kits by molecule-r which are every bit as easy as the simple students vodka jelly recipe, mix, cool and eat!