More Office Humour and more whipped cream

Business for Caroline and Jody continued to flourish and they were getting new customers on a regular basis. One morning outside a four storey office block, a young woman asked them both if they would be prepared to take orders from the occupants of the offices and deliver them. Of course, the response was an emphatic “yes, when would you like this to start”? So arrangements were made and a pre-ordering system was put in place.


If this worked out it could become very lucrative indeed but it had to be planned carefully. Whipped cream dispensers and whipped cream chargers could be delivered to the office block at the start of the round and they could go back and serve the office workers at a pre-arranged time. The day and time of the first visit was agreed but, as the day got nearer, the girls approached this new venture with a certain amount of scepticism.


However, after just twenty minutes into their first day at the office block, their fears seemed to be overcome. The staff were very friendly spending their money freely and, in some cases, leaving generous tips. Furthermore, on the girls third visit the jokes started and one of the managers christened them the office milk maids. From then on it became the highlight of the working week the regular office visits and as previously planned they were able to take separate whipped cream dispensers and whipped cream chargers into the office with them to reduce the leg work.


As this arrangement progressed, it became more organised and they were able to serve even more of the office staff. The laughter flowed and it became a pleasure to visit these offices. Even the office managers joined in the fun at times and it was a pleasure to regularly be among such nice people.


Now there was definitely no looking back; the income of the business had reached new heights.   Caroline and Jody no longer had to watch the pennies and they were able to buy new clothes without any feelings of guilt.