New Year – new chargers

For Jody and Caroline the busiest time of the year was the summer but as the nice weather ended and the winter began to take hold there were no sign of things slowing down. They were now spending more time in the four office blocks selling their produce than on their original round. Owen was becoming more of an asset and was proving to have more of a handle on some areas of the business than the girls.


Because Owen was getting more involved in organisation and administration, the marketing of the whipped cream dispensers, whipped cream chargers and other cream supplies was starting to take a back seat so a visit to the local job centre produced two teenage girls who had never had a job since leaving school. These girls were very good on the computer and began working at selling the products. The commission that they earned kept them happy and all of a sudden what started off as two females and an ice cream van earning a meagre income, was growing into a concern that involved six people.


As the winter months dragged on, the offices developed a buzz and the excitement was due to a party that was arranged to be held on New Years Day. This was a regular occurrence and the companies involved spent a lot of money each year to show their staff how their efforts were appreciated. A catering company was employed to supply food and drink but the directors of the companies involved had requested Caroline and Jody’s input and wanted some of the unusual creations that the girls produced to be on display.


What could be better than an invitation to a lavish party while still selling your goods? The girls jumped at the chance and managed to get Owen, the two teenagers and David invited to the party as well. Although they were all supposed to be working, there was no doubt that having fun would be the order of the day.