Liss Chargers

So why would we swap our allegiance to Liss Chargers? Perhaps not an easy question answer at first – we were doing OK with the old bestwhip…. so why would anyone want to swap the security for a punt with liss cream chargers?

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Molecular Mixology

we love food, we love chemistry – we love Molecular Mixology! – and having just sent a few days watching breaking bad, then we are really in a position to see the value of chemistry in the realm of recreation!

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What we talk about when we talk about Balance

Caroline and Jody finally got their long awaited meeting with Mrs Richardson and it took a lot longer than expected. The time was spent pouring over figures and discussing the mistakes that had been made. The plan for the controlled growth of the company had gone totally wrong and a new plan had to be implemented rather quickly. Continue reading »

Workplace Rudeness – will the cream chargers cure it?

With employee numbers increasing and customers’ demands being met with some difficulty, Caroline and Jody still found time to carry out their customer services duties. The customer numbers had grown to alarming numbers but with it came a lot of unwelcome attention from a number of male office workers. This started off as just a few remarks but over time it grew into outright rudeness and the girls decided to take on a salesman to carry out these duties. Continue reading »

If You Don’t Like the Hat Factory

With six office blocks now being served with their goods, Caroline and Jody were aware of the best form of advertising – word of mouth – and, as a result of this, the owner of a local factory contacted them. The factory in question produced hats but the girls found out that Owen was not very impressed with the business as he was met with a torrent of abuse from the workers that seemed a bit rough when his visit took place. Continue reading »

We got Left Behind with the cream chargers!

They now had six vans on the road and Caroline and Jody were still trying to have some time to themselves.  However, the more staff they took on the more hours they had to work as they did not want to risk their business being left behind.  They often joked that when they eventually had the time to go out and have fun, they would be too old to enjoy it. Continue reading »

The Stress Mouse

With all the extra work came the stress.  For Caroline the added pressure helped to make her work harder but Jody often burst into floods of tears when things got too much. They had set up in their newly acquired office and Owen was in his element; his own desk and computer with the beginnings of a complex filing system that only he could understand. Continue reading »

The Falling Down Profession – cream chargers for clowns!

Jody and Caroline had now been in business for nearly two years.  Betty was only used on the odd occasion due to her age and now the girls had three more vans with people working for them selling all of their products. One of the main reasons for the success that was being experienced was Caroline and Jody’s attention to detail and listening attentively to their customers. When the girls started in their area there was a lot of competition but now, one by one, their competitors were forced to go elsewhere to trade due to their failure to maintain the standards required. Continue reading »

Billable Hours

As Caroline and Jody’s business became more successful, once again, the person that prevented things from spiralling out of control was Owen. He very often worked into the night devising ways to make the business more profitable and it was as a result of one of his late nights that he came up with an idea where every working action was given a time frame and a price.  Continue reading »

New Year – new chargers

For Jody and Caroline the busiest time of the year was the summer but as the nice weather ended and the winter began to take hold there were no sign of things slowing down. They were now spending more time in the four office blocks selling their produce than on their original round. Owen was becoming more of an asset and was proving to have more of a handle on some areas of the business than the girls. Continue reading »

No Gossip Girls – keep the whipping secret!

The new arrangement was working well; Owen had taken to his new role with enthusiasm and his friend David who was working in one of the other office blocks was also responding favourably to his new role.  Jody and Caroline visited each of the office blocks twice a day to see if anything was required. Continue reading »

No Longer a Top Company for Working Women

Owen’s idea of how to handle the extra work that the new offices would bring proved to be a success but as they got busier they had to take on two new workers.  The additions were two lads who were at university with Owen and they began by working an office block each.  Continue reading »

Gap Goes – but Cream Chargers jump it easily

The business was plodding along nicely and the people that were working for them were proving to be totally committed. Owen was becoming the constant source of amazement with the skills that he was developing. The affiliate girls were working hours to suit themselves and the sales of the cream dispensers, cream chargers, cream canisters and all of the other cream supplies were on the increase. Continue reading »

Executive Testimonial

Caroline and Jody’s working days were getting longer because they were not only continuing to serve customers on their usual round but in the office block where they started.  It seemed that as soon as they began serving the occupants on one floor, the workers on two of the upper floors began queuing as soon as the girls arrived. Continue reading »

Today Only Leave the Office Early

Working seven days a week was taking its toll on Caroline and Jody and although their takings had escalated dramatically, the money was just laying in their company bank account. Autumn was approaching and business was slowing down slightly so the girls decided to take an afternoon off and do some shopping. Owen was working most afternoons on the internet marketing side of things and he had proven himself to be trustworthy over the four months that he had worked for the girls. Continue reading »

More Office Humour and more whipped cream

Business for Caroline and Jody continued to flourish and they were getting new customers on a regular basis. One morning outside a four storey office block, a young woman asked them both if they would be prepared to take orders from the occupants of the offices and deliver them. Of course, the response was an emphatic “yes, when would you like this to start”? So arrangements were made and a pre-ordering system was put in place. Continue reading »

Office Humour + why cream chargers aren’t funny!

Caroline and Jody had been working for themselves for some time now and although they did not miss the pressure of life in the office, they did miss the office humour. There was always somebody that was the butt of their jokes and the many young male colleagues who thought they were the answer to any young girl’s dreams always fitted the bill. Continue reading »

What’s a day off?

Caroline and Jody now had two ice cream vans on the road working seven days a week. They had Owen frantically picking blackberries trying to keep up with the customer demand for the increasingly popular blackberry balance. After the daily rounds were completed, the promoting of the cream dispensers and the whipped cream chargers would begin. Owen was becoming more involved in the promotion side of the business and it was hoped that after a few weeks of training, the marketing of all the cream supplies could be left to him completely. Continue reading »

Dilbert Must be Stopped – before he screws up the cream chargers

As Caroline and Jody continued to visit the same customers on a regular basis, one of their competitors vans was becoming a more regular sight.  Sometimes the van in question was visiting the girls’ customers before they could get to them. After a certain amount of research, it was discovered that the van in question belonged to a man named Dilbert and, like the girls, he spent a lot of time trying out new areas and products. Continue reading »

Blackberry Balance

In between carrying out their daily rounds and getting home to do some online marketing as well as trying to find somebody that really wants to work, Caroline and Jody still found time to experiment with some of their flavours. After a particularly busy day Caroline was driving home in Betty along a country lane when she noticed that there were blackberry bushes either side.  Continue reading »

Working Ourselves to Death – the dangers of getting whipped

As the weeks went by, there never seemed to be enough hours in a day and some nights the girls had to make do with just four hours sleep. The rounds were getting bigger which meant that time spent on the road increased dramatically. The income had increased and for the first time the bank account looked in very good shape. After the daily round was completed it was back to the computer and the promotion of the whipped cream chargers and whipped cream dispensers. This side of the business at times was bringing in more income than the sale of all the cream supplies. Continue reading »


Are you scared of the dark – because our friend is – actually not totally true but she did need to take her magicshine out for a walk the other day – yes that is right magicshine bike light for a walk? Why – well not really because she was scared, more because she was inquisitive – the new app X-Locator started pinging so she followed her nose to see what was happening – curiosity could have killed the cat but this dog never actually barked. Continue reading »

Working from Home – will cream chargers allow it?

Little did Caroline and Jody know but now that they had entered into an agreement with the manufacturers of the cream canisters, cream chargers and cream dispensers that they used for their business, there was no time for fun. Advertising the products on Betty while they went on their rounds was all right but an internet presence was needed. For this reason they decided to take their work to a whole new level. They made a decision to take it in turns while one of them took Betty on her rounds, the other one would work from home promoting the cream supplies and products online. Continue reading »

Government Lies

Jody and Caroline had been working for themselves for some time and things were going rather well until the dreaded brown envelope was put through their letter box. Their first tax bill and a fine for the late submission of the first tax return. Who said going into business was easy? After the initial shock and the discussion as to where the money was to come from, the girls settled down. They decided that the advice of an accountant was needed and proceeded to check adverts in the local papers to find one. Continue reading »

Cream Chargers- Leadership Turn

Up until now Jody had been happy to allow Caroline to make all of the decisions regarding their business.  However, the more time they spent selling ice cream the more experience they gained and Jody began to get her own ideas and before long there were some minor disagreements.  As a result of this, the differences were soon settled and they decided to share the decision making. This worked well until a few of Caroline’s decisions failed miserably costing valuable income. From then on they decided that Jody should take the reins for a month and the results would be assessed after the four week trial period. Continue reading »

Election Day – for the chargers

Business for the girls was steady and the money they were making was allowing them to get by. Some of the money that they earnt was spent on what was considered essentials to enable them to continue to keep ahead of their competitors. But as the competition grew, the investment of a whipped cream dispenser and a whipped cream charger proved to be a step in the right direction.  However, Caroline and Jody had to vary the areas that they covered, to maintain their income. Continue reading »

Whipped cream and the Myth of Face Time


As Caroline and Jody became much busier and visited more places, they had to start introducing more products to enable them to compete with other businesses that sold the same products. With this in mind it was decided that although they were not earning a great deal of money, a percentage of the profits had to be put back into the business. Their first investment was in a whipped cream charger, this was to enable them to produce a product that was exclusive to the business. Continue reading »

White Night, Whipped Cream

We were just getting ourselves and our cream chargers all excited for the white night celebration in Brighton when we found it wasn’t happening in 2012 – we are as ever very slow on the uptake because it would appear that everyone else knew about this six months ago…. Continue reading »

Swing Car

For when you’re tired of the van then a swing car makes it all a bit more fun! and we’re not talking about swinging in cars – otherwise known as dogging. Nope, what we’re  is the totally bombastic swing car – sort of like the one they used in grease lightening – but a little bit smaller and probably with less pink ladies stroking it’s sides. Continue reading »

Cream Chargers – on the go again!

We’re all getting itchy feet and perhaps the cream chargers van will be on the move again soon – the web-shop is still coming along quite slowly, but if it was speed we were after then the original whipped cream chargers delivery van would have been a Ferrari and not the old clunker that we used – beautiful but old – so don’t feel too bad about your place in life dear old Betty. Continue reading »

Magicshine LED bike lights

Yes, they are awesome bike lights – and the south downs has never looked quite so bright at night! Magicshine led also make amazing photographic lights – 2000 lumen is not to be sniffed at. We took ours down to the beach for some amazing results the other night. Obviously – we’d forgotten to charge them to begin with, but a trip back to the flat soon fixed that then we were powered up and ready to go. There probably reasons why Magicshine bike lights are not ideal for use as photographic lighting

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End of Part 1?

We have covered many miles and met a great number of interesting people; some offered advice while others made us the butt of their jokes and some were just plain offensive. The main thing is that we learned a lot about human nature but through it all, we managed to keep smiling and treat our customers with respect. The amazing thing was the huge number of cream chargers that we’d had to get through in order to do this mission. Continue reading »

Fruit, Cream, Chargers Everywhere!

Early one morning as I was getting the van ready for the day ahead which looked as though we were in for a real scorcher, Jody called over to ask if I wanted a Coke to which I shouted “great”.  As I opened the door to reach out for the can I was met by a flapping of wings and then swooped upon by this enormous seagull.  The gull flew right into the cabin where it promptly started feasting on the strawberries and cherries that had just been washed.  Continue reading »

Betty’s Dilema

We were approaching theNorth Westand found a small town square that hosted a market three times a week. On market day we got the required permission to set up in the corner of the square and before long we had a steady stream of customers. The usual remarks came from the men in the queue but generally the people we met were friendly and helpful. Continue reading »

Under the weather

Just as Caroline was serving the last school child as we had just been hijacked by a school party who were on a day out, Caroline rushed out of the cabin to our caravan.  Continue reading »


Magicshine is the light at the end of the tunnel – or at least the LED bike light on the end of the wire which is attached to the battery! Confused – well we were given samples from to use in the up-coming London to Brighton night-ride – can we wait… hardly! Continue reading »

Betty to the rescue

Late one afternoon as we were just serving the last few customers, we noticed a goldenLabradormoving its way very slowly towards us.  It looked extremely hot, panting laboriously and seemed to have difficulty in walking as it was dragging its hind leg.  As it neared our van I spoke to it softly and proceeded to move out the van with a view to consoling and helping the dog.  By this time, Caroline had finished serving the last customer and could see where I was headed. Continue reading »

Cream Chargers – Fruit Puree

Yesssss …. I think we’re onto a winner – Jody has just come up with a new idea to offer a different calorie reduced topping in the form of a fruit juice puree.  The idea was simply to mash up the fruit and then combine it with the cream chargers in the dispenser – Continue reading »

Police Chargers

Although we noticed that Betty was seemingly intact – nothing suspicious – but as we entered our caravan we could see our cash box lying there and papers and files strewn all over the floor.   Continue reading »

Smooth Cream

After another successful day, Jody and I ended up in a local pub just outside Aberystwyth.  We hadn’t been to a pub for quite a while so we decided to have a fish and chips supper with a bottle of wine – and really push the boat out!  Continue reading »

August Bank Holiday Problems

With the August bank holiday fast approaching we decided to head towards Aberystwyth so we stopped overnight in a B & B en route where we planned to find a good spot the next day to attract both the locals and tourists alike.  Continue reading »

What could go wrong?

We had reached Bude and were beginning to experience a certain amount of success. A local farmer had supplied us with fruit that would last for a short time and we were beginning to experience the luxury of the occasional meal. Continue reading »

Cream Chargers on the Road

It soon became apparent that there were too many ice cream vans; as well as hot dog; burger and any other type of vans within the Brighton area and even the novelty of fruit and whipped cream specials were not going to see us make a fortune or even give us the income just to see us scrape by. The cream chargers were going to help us keep ourselves above the opposition but maybe there was more to be done? Continue reading »

Betty’s Face Lift

An agreement was reached with the owner’s wife that enabled us to give the van the care that was needed to ensure that it would attract customers. The wine bar visits stopped and all our spare time was devoted to the restoration of what had fondly become known as Betty.  Continue reading »

The Birth of Betty – life before cream chargers

No more stuffy office, no more bully bosses who leer at you at every opportunity, no more unachievable targets.  My name is Caroline and my friend Jodie and I have been working in this environment for the past two years and what started off as a job has recently turned into a dread. The only pleasure that we’ve gained from our employment at what has been suitably known as the “barracks” was the view of the sea front out of the window. Continue reading »

Melon Balls

Every bit as simple as it looks – ms and Cali had a go mainly because of the Drunken wording – and we’d suggest that perhaps we over-emphasized the drunken aspect and consequently ended up as a big pile upon the floor Continue reading »

Eton Mess

A brief explore of the whipped cream options has led us to investigate the possibilities of Eton Mess as an extra sales option – – tells the whole of the story but to summarize on your behalf…

whipped cream mess

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