No Gossip Girls – keep the whipping secret!

The new arrangement was working well; Owen had taken to his new role with enthusiasm and his friend David who was working in one of the other office blocks was also responding favourably to his new role.  Jody and Caroline visited each of the office blocks twice a day to see if anything was required. The whipped cream dispensers and the cream chargers were stored away each night after being cleaned and the only problem seemed to be getting enough cream supplies to the boys before stocks had run out.


One morning Jody went to visit Owen to check if he had enough cream supplies and she was met by a group of young girls chatting and giggling.  After a few minutes it became obvious that they were talking about Owen. When Jody finally reached Owen he was not his usual self and he seemed flustered and under pressure. This was out of character but it was obvious that he had come to the attention of a number of the young girls in the office yet they were not interested in what he was selling.


Caroline and Jody took turns in visiting Owen checking that he was all right as well as taking stock of any cream supplies that might be required. It took a few days before Owen reverted back to his old self but when he gained control of the situation he began to take more notice of one particular young girl. However, the situation had to be closely monitored because it began to cause a certain amount of jealousy in the office.


When Owen began to see this particular girl in his spare time he seemed to become even more mature and before long he was asking a number of questions relating to the business. At the beginning, this threw Jody and Caroline but because Owen had been an important part of their business for a number of months by this time and he had put his studies on hold, then it was only fair that he be included more in the day-to-day running of things.