No Longer a Top Company for Working Women

Owen’s idea of how to handle the extra work that the new offices would bring proved to be a success but as they got busier they had to take on two new workers.  The additions were two lads who were at university with Owen and they began by working an office block each.  As agreed, the girls would drop off all of the produce whilst the whipped cream dispensers and cream chargers were stored on site for convenience. The only problem was that for the first time since they started their business, Jody and Caroline were outnumbered.


The young lads worked hard and it was agreed that they would be paid on a commission basis. Owen kept a watchful eye over the new workers when he could but they seemed honest and trustworthy. As well as acting in a supervisory role, Owen still continued to market the various cream supplies in the evenings. Overall the company bank account was looking extremely healthy.


As the weeks passed, the time for Owen and his friends to return to university drew closer so, once again, some decisions had to be made. After some long discussions with Owen and his parents, it was decided that he would take a year off and see how the business went. The deciding factor was that at the moment he had a job whereas he could finish university and be unemployed for some time. There was also the factor that Caroline and Jody had plans for the future and they could include Owen if he wanted to become more involved.


One of Owen’s friends decided to take a year off too but the other one decided to return to university and finish his course. It was not too difficult to find a replacement and it was looking more likely that selling to office workers in their place of work was the way forward.  Owen to the rescue, once again; he was now selling ice cream throughout the day, marketing whipped cream dispensers and other cream supplies in the evenings and marketing the products to local offices.