Nobody Said Cream Chargers Would Solve Everything

So far we have had to clean Betty from top to bottom, slept in her, suffered abuse from customers because we did not have exactly what they wanted, experienced the breakdown of our machinery, run out of cream chargers and been propositioned by a village idiot.  Not bad considering we have only been in business for a few months. Regardless of the drawbacks and the struggles, it was still better than working in the office and when we got depressed, as we did on the odd occasion, we would tell ourselves that Betty is ours and we will make a success of our business. Who knows Betty could have a sister or a number of sisters if we persevere.


On to Bristol and the queues were getting longer and while we were in Bristol we opened our first company bank account, this gave us the lift that we needed and fuelled our enthusiasm even more.


Our suppliers were becoming more helpful and in some cases we agreed to advertise their products on Betty for a reduced rate – we were finally learning. Now we were sleeping in caravans and although it was work, work, work we did not mind.  Who needed a social life anyway?


The next stop wasSouth Walesand it was here that we found a campsite that put us up for free if we advertised their services.  This was becoming a habit and the number of dents and digs that were evident on Betty when we set out are now covered with adverts for suppliers, hotels, boat sellers and a few more.  If this is business we want more!