Office Humour + why cream chargers aren’t funny!

Caroline and Jody had been working for themselves for some time now and although they did not miss the pressure of life in the office, they did miss the office humour. There was always somebody that was the butt of their jokes and the many young male colleagues who thought they were the answer to any young girl’s dreams always fitted the bill.


However, this was all in the past and the girls main concern now was the fulfilment of their short and long term goals. The business was doing quite well and each month an agreed sum of money was re-invested. The every day cleaning products that meant that the whipped cream chargers and whipped cream dispensers were kept spotlessly clean, ensured that the customers and the local health department were always happy. These products were expensive but it was agreed that no corners would be cut where cleanliness was concerned.


The round was becoming so popular that they were on first name terms with many of their customers and sharing a joke was often the order of the day but it was never the same as the office humour. These people were their customers and could not become victims of ridicule so even the most suggestive of statements had to be met with a beaming smile.


The rounds were still the highlight of the girls’ day because when they returned home they had to get on the computer to sell cream canisters and various cream supplies to enhance their income. Owen was getting more involved in this side of the business; he was also beginning to carry out some of the online marketing. Although Owen was a hard working lad, he did not have much of a sense of humour and on the odd occasion that the girls played a joke on him, it was either not understood or he took it personally.


While Owen’s work or commitment could not be faulted, Jody and Caroline would have to do some work on his sense of humour.  They both knew that laughter was almost as important as hard work.