Police Chargers

Although we noticed that Betty was seemingly intact – nothing suspicious – but as we entered our caravan we could see our cash box lying there and papers and files strewn all over the floor.   I hurried over to the cash box and could see that it had been forced open and all the money taken.  Although there was only about £50 in the money box as we were always very careful in banking every day, we used this cash as our last minute resort money in case of an emergency.   Jody looked at me and I started to break down.  All our hard work in trying to keep our business going seemed to have an effect on me.  We had tried to keep our spending to an absolute minimum and to lose £50 just like that was a big shock. Fortunately we had the required supplies of fruit and cream chargers.


Jody called the police and we waited until they arrived and took statements from us and examined the damage.  They said there had been a couple of other burglaries in the last few weeks and were convinced that it was the same gang but they didn’t offer much hope of getting our money back.


This was a major blow and all we could do was to strive to work harder to recoup our losses.  The next day word quickly spread around the village about our burglary and soon a group of locals came round to tell us that they had set up a campaign to raise money to help replace our cash loss.  Jody and I couldn’t believe what we were hearing and were overwhelmed.  We thanked everyone so much for their help and served our strawberry and cherry special as a thank you.  What would we do without friends?