Smooth Cream

After another successful day, Jody and I ended up in a local pub just outside Aberystwyth.  We hadn’t been to a pub for quite a while so we decided to have a fish and chips supper with a bottle of wine – and really push the boat out!  Gone were the days when we popped into our favourite pub after a day in the office or “barracks” as we liked to call it but we did not mind.  We were really focusing on trying to earn and save as much as possible to put back into our business so a trip to the pub was only now and again.   But as you can imagine it was a real treat when we did splash out.


We enjoyed a pleasant evening tucking into a plate of cod and chips with our favourite wine.  The pub wasn’t really busy just enough to have a laugh and chat with the locals.  Our caravan was based in the local caravan park and this was our nearest pub so while staying inWaleswe tended to stay in this area as we really felt at home here – we were always welcomed.


As we walked back to our caravan we noticed a lot of movement ahead.  A couple of cars seemed to be in a hurry and raced passed us doing more than the speed limit.  Luckily our van was powered by petrol and cream chargers! We didn’t really think much about this until we reached the caravan park and saw our caravan with the door open.  We just looked at each other and rushed to see what had happened.  What were we about to find?