Storm Powered Cream Chargers

Although the day had started well – it was quite warm and sunny – but by lunchtime a few dark clouds had appeared and before we knew it the rain began.  A fine drizzles at first which quickly turned to heavy spots of rain.  Some bright spark pointed that lightening could actually create N2O as it charged the air- so perhaps we would be able to fill up some cream chargers in the thunder clouds. Ignoring the obvious notion that we would need to get ourselves and our empty cream chargers up into the air before any of this could happen. And anyway, cream chargers are strictly a one-use disposable product! It was apparent that for the remainder of the day we would struggle to make any sales.  The weather forecast had stated that the south was in for a storm so it was an appropriate time to finish clearing up and park up near our caravan and finish the ever mounting pile of paperwork.


Jody had made sure that all the cream supplies were stored away securely and the cabin was clean and tidy.  We made our way to the caravan we were staying in while based in this area.  It wasn’t huge but it had all the facilities we needed and was comfortable enough for the two of us.  We had adjusted to our lifestyle and living quarters remarkably well and didn’t miss the flat we had rented together.  Those days seemed a long time ago now but we didn’t regret anything.  In fact, we both agreed that the life we had now was certainly more inspiring than sat behind a desk looking out the window at the “barracks”.


As I laid the paperwork out on the table we diligently got stuck in busily writing and filing papers in folders.  Although we had agreed to keep on top of the paper work it did not always work out that way.  Some times a few days slipped by as we were usually too tired.


All of a sudden out of the blue, a bellowing clap of thunder resounded around us.  Jody dropped the cup she was drinking from, showering herself in lukewarm tea; she hastily dried herself off. But had time to joke about the cream chargers that could have been filled by that particular burst. By this time the rain was pouring down as we looked out the window.  Then a fork of lightening illuminated the dark sky which struck a tree not far away from where Betty was parked.  We held our breath as the tree began to sway and then fell to the ground with an enormous thud.  Luckily there was nothing in its path and Betty was spared – what a close call that was!  We donned raincoats and rushed out which was a crazy thing to do but we just wanted to make sure that Betty really had escaped.  We quickly scrutinised Betty confirming all was OK and then rushed back into our caravan absolutely soaked but relieved all was well.


After a period of time the storm gradually subsided and although the rain continued into the night by morning the sky was clear.