Swing Car

For when you’re tired of the van then a swing car makes it all a bit more fun! and we’re not talking about swinging in cars – otherwise known as dogging. Nope, what we’re  is the totally bombastic swing car – sort of like the one they used in grease lightening – but a little bit smaller and probably with less pink ladies stroking it’s sides. We reckon that these are going to be the next-big-thing and have already gone out to get hold of two. They are so much fun and one of the great advantages of working from home is that we can be off and swinging whenever we choose to.

Think more like one of these:

just for reference for those that didn’t see Grease:

the other Swing  Car:

incidentally although they claim that the grease car is hydromatic – this does not mean that you can rig up a rocket motor using cream chargers as a source of  nitrous to power up a swing car – this is very dangerous and should never be attempted by anyone!