The Birth of Betty – life before cream chargers

No more stuffy office, no more bully bosses who leer at you at every opportunity, no more unachievable targets.  My name is Caroline and my friend Jodie and I have been working in this environment for the past two years and what started off as a job has recently turned into a dread. The only pleasure that we’ve gained from our employment at what has been suitably known as the “barracks” was the view of the sea front out of the window.


The view ofBrightonpromenade was our only release and after watching the queues of people at the many ice cream vans that parked there, this triggered an idea that was to grow into a realistic dream.  If they can do it then why can’t we?  What could be better than two young girls travelling up and down the country in an ice cream van? Armed only with cream chargers! So after much thought and planning a decision was made but the only drawback seemed to be the fact that everybody with one of these vans sells ice cream and in the middle of winter who wants a choc ice?


A healthier option must be the answer but what?  Then after hours of discussion a plan was agreed.  We could help the nation improve fitness levels by selling fruit and whipped cream in a number of forms.


The more plans that were put into place the more exciting we became until the matter of finances loomed.  This slowed things down a bit because our savings did not amount to much.  All of that time slaving away for someone else had not done much to enhance our bank accounts. Of course the regular visits to the many wine bars inBrightonhad made a huge dent in our savings but we had to live a little!


So undeterred we began our search for an ice cream van at a very reasonable rate but all we could find was greedy dealers asking ridiculous amounts for what seemed vans past their best or ice cream sellers who wanted to upgrade and wanted the earth for their cast offs.


Then one day, out of the blue, a friend of a friend of Jody’s came across an ice cream van that had been sitting in a garage for two years.  The owner had become ill and was unable to continue working so an appointment was made with the owner’s wife to check it out.  At first glance the van looked in a sorry state, the tyres were flat and it was covered in many layers of dust and dirt but a closer inspection revealed that it had not done many miles so maybe with a lot of TLC it could entice customers to purchase food covered if cream chargers frothed dairy.  We really wanted to get this business going so it was a case of getting to work to smarten it up and launch our Betty.