The Falling Down Profession – cream chargers for clowns!

Jody and Caroline had now been in business for nearly two years.  Betty was only used on the odd occasion due to her age and now the girls had three more vans with people working for them selling all of their products. One of the main reasons for the success that was being experienced was Caroline and Jody’s attention to detail and listening attentively to their customers. When the girls started in their area there was a lot of competition but now, one by one, their competitors were forced to go elsewhere to trade due to their failure to maintain the standards required.


This was a valuable lesson to the girls, falling down professionally has a vast impact on any business. However, they had an extra weapon in their arsenal in the name of Owen who kept everybody focused and on their toes. Any sign of corners being cut and he would pounce.


In addition to this, the fact that the sales of whipped cream dispensers, whipped cream chargers and all of the other cream supplies had rocketed and the young sales girls had become super affiliates. As far as their incomes were concerned Mrs Richardson had become a personal friend and mentor to the girls. What could be better than having your accountant as a personal friend?


A block of garages had been rented near where they lived and every night after all of the rounds were completed, the vans would be locked away.  In all there was only one problem – Caroline and Jody had only had a few days off in the two years that they had been working. As much as they loved the business and all the challenges that it presented, they were becoming increasingly tired and in need of a holiday.


On top of all this, Jody was not seeing David as much as she would have liked so a break was called for. It was eventually decided that Jody would have a long weekend away with David and a few weeks later Caroline would take a few days to visit her family inFrance.