The Stress Mouse

With all the extra work came the stress.  For Caroline the added pressure helped to make her work harder but Jody often burst into floods of tears when things got too much. They had set up in their newly acquired office and Owen was in his element; his own desk and computer with the beginnings of a complex filing system that only he could understand. It was certainly working out well and, with the young girls carrying out their tasks, the business was taking on a more professional approach.


The added advantage of everybody working out of the office was that Jody and Caroline got their home back and when they arrived home after a days work it was easier to relax. Caroline was taking advantage of this by arranging a surprise party for Jody as her birthday was approaching. When the day of the party arrived, Jody, as expected, burst into tears when everybody involved in the business began arriving with bottles of wine and presents. When Owen arrived he gave Jody a kiss and a small package.  When she opened it, much to everybody’s amusement, it was a stress mouse – a small spongy object in the shape of a mouse that could be manipulated in the palm of the hand in times of stress.


The party went really well but the following day there were some sore heads although some happy memories of the night before. The following days became even more frantic as the young girls began to respond to their new working environment by spending even more time there. The result of this was that the sales of the whipped cream dispensers, whipped cream chargers and associated cream supplies increased even further.


After one of Caroline and Jody’s meetings with their accountant, Mrs Richardson, they were advised to expand even further and invest in another ice cream van and take on further staff to take some of the pressure off of themselves. This, she explained, was justified by the dramatic increase in their takings.