The Work Place Taking Care of Your whipping

Jody and Caroline were relishing their moments of freedom and Owen was exceeding all expectations for his age.  He had matured so much since he had been with them and the shy student had grown into a somewhat mature, organised man.  Now that the girls had a number of people working for them they had to be careful to not lose sight of this fact and when Owen came to them and said he was thinking of getting on the property ladder, it hit home?  The drivers Christopher, Owen and the young girls were not just employees. They relied on Jody and Caroline for their living and if they did not keep their feet firmly on the ground and accept this responsibility they could all be in serious trouble.


So, after a few weeks of nights out and partying, Caroline and Jody decided that it was not for them and they would concentrate more on the people that had helped them achieve the success that they were now enjoying. Their employees would have to be their main priority if they were to build on their current success. With this in mind they began to take some of the pressure off of Owen by sharing his work load.


Another reason for the goals being achieved as they began their business was the quality of the produce and equipment that they had invested in. The whipped cream dispensers, whipped cream chargers and associated cream supplies had been instrumental in allowing them to experiment and produce new products which enabled them to keep ahead of their competition.


With all of this taken into account, the giggling little girls who started selling ice cream with the help of Betty had now grown into competent business women and the adversity that they had experienced along the way, had made them more determined to succeed. So, when Owen asked their advice about buying a property they were able to go into detail and enlighten him about the advantages and the pitfalls.