Today Only Leave the Office Early

Working seven days a week was taking its toll on Caroline and Jody and although their takings had escalated dramatically, the money was just laying in their company bank account. Autumn was approaching and business was slowing down slightly so the girls decided to take an afternoon off and do some shopping. Owen was working most afternoons on the internet marketing side of things and he had proven himself to be trustworthy over the four months that he had worked for the girls.


On the agreed day, the round was finished early and the girls headed home to prepare for an afternoon at the shops. The thought of the afternoon ahead was the well earned lift that Caroline and Jody needed and after a taxi ride to the chosen shopping mall, it turned into a competition of who could spend the most money.


After five hours of frantic retail therapy it was decided that they could carry no more and they got a taxi home. It took some time to unload the taxi when they arrived and when they got indoors they sat down totally exhausted and just burst into uncontrolled laughter. Owen was working away in a side room and had to stop what he was doing and just check on the girls.


After the laughter had subsided it was Owen’s turn to feel pleased with himself. The reason was that he had just received a very large order for whipped cream dispensers, whipped cream chargers and various other cream supplies. He then proceeded to tell the girls that the commission that he would earn from such a large order could go towards funding his final year at university. Owen then told them that after the last year of his current course he was contemplating studying business management with a view to helping them expand their business.


Of course, this came as a complete shock and for a few minutes Jody and Caroline were lost for words. Then after a few minutes of thought they realised how lucky they were to have met such a sensible, intelligent young man who had become involved with their business.