Too Late

It all started off in a not-to-good way with our first foray into the business.


strawberries and cream

We were fully loaded up with the cream and went down the wholesale fruit and veg market to get the softies to go with it. We’d been told that an early start was required but assumed that would mean about 9.00am – however we were really, really keen to get going with this project so made our way down there ¬†at 8.30am only to find the place nearly deserted and everyone packed or packing to go.

The only suitable fruit available were not actually suitable fruit at all Рthey were somewhere between soft and furry Рpossibly suitable fro jam but definitely not good enough for the high calibre of  product we were intending to sell down on the beach front.


So that was the end of trading day 1 – barely before it even began. So we went back to the flat to put the cream into the fridge to be ready for day 2.

We promised ourselves that we could get up early the following day to bag-a-bargain or at the very least get something that wasn’t dripping with sweet slime!

The commiseration whipped cream vodka could perhaps hinder our good intentions but we shall see….