Under the weather

Just as Caroline was serving the last school child as we had just been hijacked by a school party who were on a day out, Caroline rushed out of the cabin to our caravan.  I wasn’t sure what the problem was so after quickly locking up rushed after her.  She was in the bathroom being violently sick and looked so ghostly pale.  Next thing I knew she had passed out so I eventually managed to get her onto the sofa.  By this time she had come to and said how ill she had suddenly felt.  I told her to lie down and I would fetch some water.


Whilst I was doing this I tried to think if we had eaten anything the night before that might have caused this reaction but couldn’t come up with an answer.


After she had sipped some water she gradually felt a little better and started to perk up.  Then I remembered that the evening before I had found some prawns tucked at the back of our little ice box in our small fridge and had thawed them out and added them to a stir fry we had eaten last night.  I shuddered because I vividly recalled there was a strange taste to the prawns which I hadn’t really paid much attention to at the time as I had used a new type of dressing and had put it down to that.


I quickly told Caroline and she agreed that maybe the prawns had been off and this was the outcome.  If only the sterilizing effects of nitrous oxide from our cream chargers could have been applies equally to the food we bought as the food that we made! Although she was relieved to find a reason for her sickness it still made her feel queasy just thinking about it.


But later on she felt much better and was able to eat a very light snack which seemed to settle her stomach.   I wondered if I would suffer the same but it didn’t seem to have such an effect on me which was a huge relief.


So the best thing to do was to get an early night in the hope that Caroline would feel better in the morning.   This was the first time that either of us had been ill so we hadn’t done badly considering what we had been through.