We got Left Behind with the cream chargers!

They now had six vans on the road and Caroline and Jody were still trying to have some time to themselves.  However, the more staff they took on the more hours they had to work as they did not want to risk their business being left behind.  They often joked that when they eventually had the time to go out and have fun, they would be too old to enjoy it.


Owen was working equally hard and they could not add to his workload.  So after a great deal of discussion it was decided that they needed a full time manager.  Owen was the ideal candidate but another person had to be taken on to handle some of the menial tasks that Owen could delegate.


A number of likely candidates were interviewed over a period of several weeks until a smart young lad called Christopher seemed to tick all the boxes.  He was put on a month’s trial and Owen took over as the new sales manager.  Owen’s first task was to review all the rounds the drivers were doing and eliminating areas that were not too profitable. Meetings took place with the managers and directors of the offices where they sold a large percentage of their goods with a view to streamlining the whole operation.


Finally, it was the turn of the young girls, the demand for cream supplies, whipped cream dispensers, cream canisters and whipped cream chargers had levelled off a bit and Owen wanted to know why. All of this was carried out over the course of three weeks and in between Owen was showing Christopher the ropes. He was relishing his new role and it showed


Two months passed before the pressure on Jody and Caroline began to ease and as it did so, the fear of being left behind was lifted and they began to enjoy life again. Their role now was mainly PR, just visiting customers and finding out if there were any problems and, if so, finding solutions.  This was more like a holiday compared to the past two and a half years of working seven days a week but they weren’t complaining.