What could go wrong?

We had reached Bude and were beginning to experience a certain amount of success. A local farmer had supplied us with fruit that would last for a short time and we were beginning to experience the luxury of the occasional meal. Parked in a lay by Jody was tending to a small queue of people while I was sorting out the stock we had accumulated when the cream machine suddenly stopped for no apparent reason. Panic set in followed by apologies to our potential customers.


The customers went elsewhere while we both tried to figure out what had happened. Training as a typist does not stand you in good stead to cope with mechanical defects so we were stumped.


It took a day to locate somebody that was willing to even look at our machinery and when an elderly man did, who was in his fifties, unshaven and with a waist that would be any tailors nightmare, he stated that he knew the problem and could resolve it for us. The problem was he made no secret of the fact of how he would like to be paid and it was not in cash!  The appeal of two young girls in their twenties being indebted to him was too tempting for him to pass up.


Although Bude is a lovely place we left there rather quickly.  Luckily Betty still seemed mechanically sound to drive but the production of cream had to be put on hold until the machinery could be repaired. Travelling north, we reached Minehead before we were able to get the repairs done. Our saviour was a little old man who could have built or repaired anything and it took him half an hour to locate the problem and ten minutes to rectify it. We paid him what he asked for and he would not accept any more which was a great relief.  Hooray! – we were back in business.