What we talk about when we talk about Balance

Caroline and Jody finally got their long awaited meeting with Mrs Richardson and it took a lot longer than expected. The time was spent pouring over figures and discussing the mistakes that had been made. The plan for the controlled growth of the company had gone totally wrong and a new plan had to be implemented rather quickly. Mrs Richardson stressed that any business had to have balance and since the girls started to take on extra staff to satisfy the growing number of customers, the proposed balance had become somewhat disjointed.


Too many drivers had been taken on and the purchasing of the vans for them to work out of had been irresponsible. The only area of the business that was not criticised was the sales of the whipped cream chargers, whipped cream dispensers and all of the other cream supplies. After two and a half hours in their accountant’s office they felt like they were back at school and about to be put on detention. They could not fault the analysis but putting the advice into practice would not be easy.


The first thing they did when they got back was to contact Owen and when he arrived at their home after being summoned he was met with two miserable faces. “Nothing can be that bad” he stated after beginning to hear what the girls had to say. After a further three hours of discussion a plan had been put together and the stress seemed to subside for a while. The plan was put down on paper and the three of them took it in turns to read it ensuring that there were no errors.


Jody rang Mrs Richardson and briefly went over the newly formulated plan which involved working with balance and controlled growth. Their accountant provisionally gave the plan her blessing subject to a copy being sent to her for further scrutiny. Two days later Mrs Richardson approved the plan after adding a few minor alterations. Caroline and Jody could now continue to work on their business and see it grow in a more controlled manor.