What’s a day off?

Caroline and Jody now had two ice cream vans on the road working seven days a week. They had Owen frantically picking blackberries trying to keep up with the customer demand for the increasingly popular blackberry balance. After the daily rounds were completed, the promoting of the cream dispensers and the whipped cream chargers would begin. Owen was becoming more involved in the promotion side of the business and it was hoped that after a few weeks of training, the marketing of all the cream supplies could be left to him completely.


The increased income that was being generated was a welcome reward for the dedication the girls had shown since the business had started. As much as they were having fun and the fact that they had made the concern profitable all on their own, just one day to themselves would be nice.


The girls had a long term plan in place which after two years would see them have six ice cream vans working for them. However, this did not take into account the added bonus of the marketing of the cream chargers and other cream supplies .The extra income from this side of the business could enable them to bring their plans forward. With this in mind, they began to spread the word that they may be looking to employ another driver to work on a commission basis at the height of the season.


Of course, this added more pressure to the never ending days that Caroline and Jody had to endure with a continual stream of people wanting to become involved in what was now a thriving concern. They compiled a list of people that they thought they could employ and one evening the list was whittled down to just three that they thought they could work with.


The initial idea was to take people on to allow them to have time to themselves but as they thought about it, it became obvious that their dual roles in the business would have to change from a “hands on” role to a more managerial stance.