Whipped cream and the Myth of Face Time


As Caroline and Jody became much busier and visited more places, they had to start introducing more products to enable them to compete with other businesses that sold the same products. With this in mind it was decided that although they were not earning a great deal of money, a percentage of the profits had to be put back into the business. Their first investment was in a whipped cream charger, this was to enable them to produce a product that was exclusive to the business.


Trying to keep one step ahead of the opposition proved to be extremely time consuming and the time that Jody and Caroline were spending on their business was at the expense of what they called their “face time”. This was time that they spent putting on their make up prior to going out on the town but this was a thing of the past and now “face time” consisted of a few hurried minutes prior to loading up Betty for the day ahead.


The long hours that had to be put in to the business were a drain on the girls but they were driven by motivation to achieve their goals. Living frugally enabled them to purchase further cream supplies which was agreed, was another step towards keeping ahead of the other ice cream vendors in their chosen areas.


Betty was behaving and for the last two months had given them no problems but Caroline and Jody were aware that the miles were clocking up and she could not go on forever in this way. A long term plan was in place but the profits would not yet stretch to a Betty replacement just yet. So they had to be content with trying to be unique and continue producing products that their customers called for.


To justify the money being spent on whipped cream dispensers the girls took advantage of a little more face time to persuade some local lad to sample what the opposition was selling. This proved to be a good move as they were getting well known by other sellers in many areas and this was a task that they could not carry out themselves.