Working from Home – will cream chargers allow it?

Little did Caroline and Jody know but now that they had entered into an agreement with the manufacturers of the cream canisters, cream chargers and cream dispensers that they used for their business, there was no time for fun. Advertising the products on Betty while they went on their rounds was all right but an internet presence was needed. For this reason they decided to take their work to a whole new level. They made a decision to take it in turns while one of them took Betty on her rounds, the other one would work from home promoting the cream supplies and products online.


Although this was very time consuming, the profits began to increase and the girls were soon talking about purchasing a partner for Betty. The affiliate side of the business had not been entered into lightly as they knew that this might give their opposition a chance to catch up with them but it was a chance that they had to take to achieve the goals that they had set for themselves.


While some of the opposition were able to make use of the cream dispensers and cream chargers that had given Caroline and Jody the edge for quite some time, the girls still had their unique flavours that had been an ongoing success.


After three months of working in this way they decided to let the online side of things work on automatic pilot and concentrate on their rounds with the onus on how to improve their offline income. This would involve more decisions being made.  Would they have a van each when they expanded or would they take on a partner and give them a share of the profits?


An agreement was made and it consisted of having and working a van each and employing somebody to promote the cream supplies and products online. A young graduate or even school leaver would fit the bill and they could be paid according to the results that they produced.