Working Ourselves to Death – the dangers of getting whipped

As the weeks went by, there never seemed to be enough hours in a day and some nights the girls had to make do with just four hours sleep. The rounds were getting bigger which meant that time spent on the road increased dramatically. The income had increased and for the first time the bank account looked in very good shape. After the daily round was completed it was back to the computer and the promotion of the whipped cream chargers and whipped cream dispensers. This side of the business at times was bringing in more income than the sale of all the cream supplies.


It was the thought of the financial independence in the future that spurred Caroline and Jody on but the fact that they had not taken a day off for many months was taking its toll on their bodies. As a result of this the girls decided to take a day off to take stock and make further plans for the future of their company.


On the day in question they stayed in bed till nine thirty and awoke feeling unusually refreshed. By mid-afternoon they had decided to purchase another ice cream van. The affiliate side of the company would still be under their control but they decided to take on a graduate to carry out many of the marketing tasks.


Finding a companion for Betty proved to be a simple task and within a week they had purchased a partner for Betty called Bertie. But the job of finding somebody below the age of twenty who was prepared to take on the work required for a share of the profits was not quite as easy. Some that had been interviewed could not understand the concept of cream canisters, cream dispensers or anything to do with cream supplies.


So instead of making things easier they were doing independent rounds with a van each and when they got home one of them would proceed with the marketing of the products whilst the other interviewed what was proving to be unlikely candidates.